The Art of Dance

This is just the beginning of my journey of discovering how amazing and beautiful dance really is. As my obsession grows, so will my work, my ideas, my expression and myself.

The Anatomy of Dance 

The Anatomy of dance is a chapter about the core of ballet, feet, legs and ballet positions. This chapter has really forced me to study ballet in new ways.  

The Body

The finer parts of what makes dance possible.

The Chemistry of Two

It really dose take two, and to see and feel the connection between the two... well there are no words for this.

En Pointe 

En Pointe is not your run of the mill photoblog about dance. It's also talking with professional dancers whom I've worked with from around the world. Asking questions about their struggles, not just as dancers, but as humans, as majestic as they look on stage, or in photos. Yes, they too are human.

In Motion

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